10 Signs You Need a Replacement Front Door

Do You Need to Replace Your Front Door?

Despite being told that "appearances can be deceiving" and not to "judge a book by its cover", we all make assumptions.

Within seconds of meeting someone for the first time, we start to form opinions about their social status, emotional intelligence and education. Psychologists call this rapid and, often accurate, opinion-forming process "thin-slicing".

So, first impressions do count, and this is also true when it comes to your property. How it looks outside often says a lot about the person inside.

Take a good look at your front door. Odd question? Not really. Even though we may use it half a dozen or more times a day, we rarely give it a second thought.

It should reflect your personality and that of your home? Let's be honest, does it fill you with pride or horror?

Try to view it as a stranger might. Does it look robust, well-presented and welcoming or insecure, shabby, and unloved? Will it hold up to another harsh winter?

It may be time to get a new front door but before rushing into anything, see if you can spot any of these tell-tale signs.


Windows are there to let in sunlight, not doors. If you see light peeping through your door frame, then there could be a problem. After all, if light can get in, so can the cold, rain and wind.

Tip: A lit candle placed (safely) in front of the door will flicker if draughts are present.

Sure, you can turn up the heating, but you're fighting a losing battle. It may well be time to replace your front door. This will instantly smarten up the appearance of your home and reduce your fuel bills to boot.

Struggling to open and close the door

Your front door should open and shut smoothly. In short, it should be effortless. However, if you are getting a full-body workout just getting in and out of the house, you've got a problem.

A well-fitting door should not catch, stick, drag or wedge. If yours does, it could mean:

  • the door has altered shape due to warping (see "Warping" below).
  • part of the locking mechanism has broken.
  • The door is out of alignment.
  • Your door key is damaged.


Have you noticed gaps at the top of your doors?

Over the years, cracks and poor door seals, together with excessive heat and moisture can cause wooden front doors to expand and contract. This action eventually leads to permanent warping and twisting. A warped door no longer fits properly, and gaps appear allowing warm air to escape.

These gaps may also allow rodents and other unwelcome visitors to enter your home.

Improve Kerb Appeal

Perhaps you are planning to put your house on the market but are worried because it's looking a little shabby. You don't want to go to all the bother of a garden makeover or repainting the house. You need a quick and effective fix so what's the answer? A new front door will give your home an instant facelift.

It will instantly make the house look more up to date and inviting.

Outside Noise

Your home should be a refuge from the world, so traffic and other unwelcome environmental noises can seriously impact your quality of life.

If you can see gaps around your doors, not only are you letting heat escape but also letting outside noise in.

Doesn't suit the look of your property

Does your front door look at odds with the style/period of your home? Perhaps you've recently moved into a fine Victorian house that has a front door that lacks grandeur or perhaps a newly renovated, modern home that's still stuck with a dated mid-twentieth century entrance. When planning the look of your home's entrance, designers generally advise to complement rather than contrast the style of your property. With such a wide range of replacement door styles and textures, you can perfectly match the look of your house and restore design harmony.


Does Your front door look shabby? Is it looking weathered and dirty with peeling paint?Is it frankly an embarrassment? Poorly looked after doors can ruin the look of a property, making it appear neglected and down-at-heel.

A low maintenance, replacement front door could be the answer. uPVC front doors look great for years without the need for regular painting and timber treatment. Just a quick wipe over now and again and they look like new.

High energy bills

Are you forever having to turn up the heating because of your poorly insulated,draughty house? If so, why are you paying to heat the outside of your home and not the inside? Gaps in your front door allow heat to escape and cold air to penetrate your property. It's not good for your finances or the environment.

A well fitted, thermally insulated front door will reduce not only your energy bills but also your carbon footprint.

But it's not all about keeping the heat in. Having well-insulated doors will also help to keep your home cooler in summer by preventing the hot outside air from entering your home.


Everyone should feel secure and safe when they close their front door at night. It should be the ultimate deterrent against intruders. However, it's a bleak fact that if your front door is old and warped, it is much more vulnerable to a break-in compared to a modern door.Rotten door frames are easier to prise open and single glazed panels easier to smash.

Security features are now built into door designs and these improvements are supported by the government's Building Regulations. This document specifies the security standards for doors.

When choosing a new front door make sure that it meets or exceeds British Standard (BS) Kitemark PAS24 (sometimes called a "door of enhanced security") and that the locks conform to British Standard 3621


This ensures that the door is at least 44 mm thick, has a metal plate around the lock and an eye-level peephole.

Home-security experts advise all door entrances to have a five-lever mortise lock (BS3621) as these can only be opened with keys. This prevents intruders smashing glass panels and inserting their hands inside to unlock the door. Additional bolts can be added for enhanced security.

Single Glazed

Are you still living with a single glazed front door? It could be time to upgrade. Why? Here are three good reasons:

  • Without doubt single glazed doors are nowhere near as effective as double-glazed doors at keeping your home warm in the winter months
  • Outside noise can travel much more easily through single glazed doors compared to modern double-glazed doors
  • A single pane of glass is thinner so much easier to smash than double glazing. Don't make life easier for intruders


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